Jamaica March 2009: 18 – Navy Island

On my way to meet Pressley I ran into the couple that lives on the green boat in this photo (on the right – the little one). They were at sea crossing the Atlantic for like 4 months. They told me about storms, about following tides full of trash…all kinds of stuff. There are some very interesting people at that marina in PA. I met Pressley on the dock and we walked to his boat. I had told him I didn’t care what kind of boat it was as long as it had a good motor and I meant it. Good thing, here is Pressley and his boat, The Hunter 🙂

View back to the marina from the harbor.

It was a fine boat and we set out into the harbor for a tour. I beleive Pressley and I arranged $20-30 for this, an hour or so around the area, but we stayed out quite a bit longer than that and I got a tour I wasn’t expecting…

This is Navy Island. I’ve wanted to see it up close ever since I read The Pirates Daughter by Margaret Cezair-Thompson. The book is about a (fictional?) daughter of Errol Flynn, who bought and lived on NI back in the day, and her life with and without him and the characters are great, I loved the book. It really brought Navy Island to life for me and I was glad to see it close up.

Beach at Navy Island

Pretty Port A mountains from the sea

We not only looked at Navy Island, we pulled up on the beach and got out! I thought it was off limits but Pressley said no one would mind so off into the bush we went…

…and the bush is indeed in charge here. These cottages belong to a resort that closed years ago (’96ish) and clearly the bush would like them back…

We follow a path…we are not the only ones to visit, i see. Unique and beautiful flowers are everywhere..some surely leftover from intentional landscaping, some just lovely wild Jamaican flora.

Stairs to nowhere

The old dock

The old swimming pool

The “lobby”

Looking up

Pressley says this was Errol Flynn’s boat.

After our walk, during which I began to wish I hadn’t worn new flip flops, I was glad to get back on the boat. Navy Island is not huge but certainly big enough, and while it’s cool it’s also a little bit creepy. Pressley says people come sometimes to salvage whatever is still there from the old resort, and to fish, and that all of that is illegal. Still, I’m really glad I got to see a place I’ve read about and wondered about for so long. We head back to the marina, passing near the lighthouse

and the marina beach

When we get back to the dock I thank Pressley for going above and beyond the call of duty, and head back to the marina for some ice cream from Devon House. My phone rings, it is Ricardo from Kingston – he has come to pick me up and arrived early. He says no rush, he’ll just hang out. I’m ready for a shower and change and to get on the road to Kingston so I head back up to Ivanhoe’s to do that.

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  1. liz . . . I have been to Navy Island many times from the mid 70's on. I have video and pics from its heyday when the Casey's owned it. It was in great shape then. I can't figure out how to contact you so the best I can do is post a comment.Respond if read.

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