Jamaica March 2009: 17 – Port Antonio and Around

One thing that’s cool about Porty is that you look one way and there is the sea with all its turquoise and blue and green jewel colors, and you turn your head and there are the mountains. RIGHT there. Kingston is like that too, but the land you are on in Portland that is between the two is so much narrower. And the north coast light plays on water in a way that is just very different from the south.

This was not long after sunrise, the mists were still coming up off the water.

I am looking from Ivanhoes to the east harbor.

Last night I didn’t do too much after beach and dinner and market. For me Portland has always been a daytime place, a place where you sleep so you can get up early and do cool things, and so that is what I do. I slept like a baby, a rock, I was REALLY cozy with my blanket and the breeze and the quiet. Well it was mostly quiet….except for the rooster:

He crowed right through breakfast which was delicious by the way. Ivanhoes made me ackee and saltfish and toast and coffee and juice and it was perfect. Since I’ve never stayed right in Port A before, I wanted to check out the twin harbors, cruise around Navy Island and basically take a boat ride, because I like riding in them. I find going fast on a motorboat to be fun no matter where i am, and in Jamaica I take most any opportunity I can to do it. Since Port A is not exactly a developed tourist town with glass bottom boats and guys asking to take you out every 5 minutes, you have to inquire.

My friend at Ivanhoes suggested the marina (who’d have thought it??) and even had a name for me so the previous day I’d asked around there and found that guy who had a friend who agreed to take me out on a boat. He asked if a small boat was OK…I said a little dinghy was cool if it had a motor. So after breakfast I planned to go down to meet Presley (“as in Elvis”) for my ride. I suppose i could have gone with these folks, Lady G’Diver (who had their base at Blue Lagoon 6 years ago but are now in Port A at the marina), but i was happy with my arrangement. I prefer private rides to tours.

At breakfast I met a European couple (Ivanhoes is mostly European people, or was when I was there) who had just arrived the night before and were on their first trip to Jamaica. I offered to “pay forward” the tour I’d been given the day before and show them the market and marina and beach on my way to meet my boat. Before we left I cleared out my room as I was checking out later that day. The Ivanhoes staff stashed my bag for me and promised me a space to clean up and change when I got back. We walked to town and the market (where i really never felt like getting my camera out, sorry) and on into the marina. It is a nice setup with Devon House Ice Cream, shops, and a lovely promenade and park and of course the beach and Norma’s. And a pool. It’s on Titchfield and along the coast of west harbor.

This is Norma’s.

I hung out with the couple for a bit then left them by the pool to go meet Presley (as in Elvis).

More in a sec….

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing Liz!
    I am completely convinced that Duncan and Portland is where I want to be this summer!

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