Jamaica March 2009: 15 – Heading to Port Antonio on the Junction Road

Ricardo and I set off from Kingston into the mountains. We were taking the Junction Road through the Wag Water Valley – another first for me. I really enjoyed the new scenery, though for at least awhile, it was of this truck:

But once Ricardo passed it, we had beautiful views like this:

My main regret about this trip is that we didn’t stop at Castleton Gardens. Guidebook junkie that i am, I somehow missed this gem and had no idea it was there until we passed it and Ricardo pointed it out. I had my mind on Faith’s Pen as a stop and never thought about anything else. Ah well…next time.

Before long we hit the north coast, around Annotto Bay. The new north coast highway is in very nice shape all the way to Port Antonio now…

suppose the new road tempts many to speed. We weren’t, but got pulled over anyway. Ricardo had all his taxi stuff in order so we were all good.

My heart is racing and I am so happy to be back in Portland. it has been 6 years and that is way too long for such a beautiful parish.

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2 Replies to “Jamaica March 2009: 15 – Heading to Port Antonio on the Junction Road”

  1. can't believe i am only just now getting around to reading through this completely… you know my heart skips many a beat. especially here on this little journey on the junction, right over wag water and past my home. *sigh* … soon come

  2. back for two weeks can't wait to return I guess I followed in your footsteps. except we went to Port Antonio via Local Bus, very interesting, and beautiful scenary, on the return a private taxi and an even better experience, we stopped and shopped, ate, and visited friends.
    We stayed on the top level of Ivanhoe, awesome veiw from all angles.

    As always a really good report.

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