Jamaica March 2009: 14 – Chilling in Kingston

Wednesday was April Fool’s Day. Also Tracy and Sven’s wedding anniversary. We hung out at the house…I enjoyed the view…we chatted…friends came by to visit…it was a mellow day.

I never get tired of chilling with a drink on the veranda and looking at this:

…at night too:

Even this view is fun for a little while 🙂

But by Thursday it is time for me to move on. I intended to go to Porty for 4 nights (that would> have been like 2 nights ago) but I got stuck in the groove of Kingston and decided to go for just one night….because Rootz Underground is playing in Kingston on Friday and I do not want to miss it 🙂

Thanks to Tracy’s driver Ricardo, who I hired several times last trip, it actually makes more sense to go to Porty and back to Kingston then on to Duncans than it does to try to get from Porty to Duncans. So I set up a pickup time with Ricardo for Thursday morning and we set off.

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