Jamaica March 2009: 11 – Last Negril Day

I originally thought I’d leave Negril on Sunday and go to…? Didn’t plan the next few days, just left them open. I’d pretty much decided by this day to go to Kingston but I needed a recovery day after all the hookah music, people, parties etc. Sunday (today) is the day they mostly all left to go back home.

Actually John is still here and he is going to play a little solo set at Seastar tonight, so that’ll be fun.

I do next to nothing this day…enjoy my bed and the AC, hop down to the pool for a bit, back to my room to relax…finally come down when I am told Lydie has come by to see me. He takes me down to 3 Dives to get my granny sauce and marinade 🙂 🙂 🙂

I have one last meal at 3 Dives – curry goat and it’s delicious. I get the sauce and hang out with Paula for a bit, and finally say our goodbyes, because I am leaving Negril tomorrow.

Back at Seastar I catch some of John’s set and hang a bit with a few hookah folks who are still in town.

I take care of my bill at Seastar for the extra night I stayed. I will definitely stay there again, the staff and owner are wonderful, the place is comfy, the pool is lovely, the food and drinks great…and it’s hard to beat the value. I would recommend it to anyone – singles, couples, families – it’s just a great spot on the west end.

I am in bed early because I have arranged for Alfred to pick me up and take me to Kingston in the morning. I’m excited. Though I have been to Kingston before, in November (that was the first time), I am looking forward to seeing my friend T and to seeing her new house which is up in the hills a bit. I’m looking forward to seeing new friends I’d made last time I was there, and to staying not-in-a-hotel for a bit.

I considered Treasure Beach for these few days but I spent a week there in November and frankly, I’m ready for a break from touristland and some time in the city 🙂

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