Jamaica March 2009: 10 – SeaStar Saturday Night

One reason I stayed at the Seastar Inn, beyond the nice rooms and pool and price and all that, was because they have a big party every Saturday night. All you can eat buffet, live reggae and drummers. John and I have invited everyone on the trip and still in town up for the evening.

…and everyone makes it! It was most people’s last night in Negril and the setting was perfect…nice drinks, nice music, plenty of space to sit and talk or dance. I highly recommend Seastar Saturday nights 🙂

Snake on a chair
Francine and her drummer group – they were GREAT


The reggae group was great too, and Lydie and Paula from 3 Dives made it up for awhile. John sat in with the band for a couple of songs.

The night was huge fun. We left Seastar after the festivities ended and hung out at Catcha for awhile enjoying the sea and stars. It got pretty late so Jay and I drove friends down to Beach House Villas so they could get ready to head home the next morning.

As for me, I had decided to take the next day as a relax day instead of a travel day and just hang out at Seastar and leave Negril Monday instead of Sunday.

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