Jamaica March 2009: 7 – 3 Dives Bonfire Jam

The bonfire jam is supposed to start at 9 but many people came early for the renewal ceremony and it’s 7:30 now so what the heck…everyone just stays and drinks or sits by the cliff checking out the last bits of sunset or sits down to order some food.

At this point a boardie who I have known online for several years but hadn’t yet met in person appears with her family. It was such a pleasure to meet them and spend some time together. They stayed for dinner but had to leave before the music as it was a school night. See you again soon, I hope!

Lydie gets the bonfire going down by the cliff and as people finish eating they drift down that way with guitars and drums and such. I can hear some music being played down there but I am up near the road chatting, seeing if anyone needs help. In fact 3 Dives doesn’t need my help at all this time, they have everything under control.

Rather suddenly, it begins to rain. Hard. (This is actually the only rain I witnessed in 17 days in Jamaica, it was dry dry dry). So everyone down by the cliff scrambles up to the restaurant’s large covered seating area, instruments and all. We’re just all a bit cozier than we thought we’d be…but it’s all good. Places are made for musicians to play and everyone gathers round.

My buddy Bev

Francine, Cassie and Dave.


We’re cozy but we all fit

Steve and Dave’s backs

I didn’t take as many photos as i did videos this night…and what I took can never capture the moment, it was such a special night. Not only did ekoostik hookah and Cosmic Railroad play separately, together and in various combinations, the fans that came along played, local Jamaican musicians joined in, almost everyone sang, musicians who do their own thing at home sang and played and here. It was very special, really the essence of what this trip was about.
  Jamaica Trip 2009 962
Little shout out to my friend Jay who is a fellow Jamaicaphile and also digs Hookah – he pops up every time they are in JA and a lot stateside too. He’s Canadian 🙂
I’m chilling by the kitchen here….


Bertha with Cosmic railroad and members of EH:

Looking back, one of the coolest things about this night were all the people who just happened to be at 3 Dives for dinner who stuck around and participated. People passing by on the street who heard and saw what was going on and came in to check it out. Taxi drivers who pulled in and stayed. It was a wonderful, open night that included everyone.

Around midnight or so people began to make their way home. I stayed to have a chance to chat with Lydie and Paula and closed the place with them.


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  1. I loved reading your trip report and being able to listen to the music and gathering at 3dives.

    – negrilaholic

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