Jamaica March 2009: 6 – Micki and Larry’s Vow Renewal at 3 Dives

Back from my scooter adventure I took a swim in the sea at Catcha then headed back up to Seastar to shower and get ready.

A few months ago a friend of mine asked me a favor. She and her husband wanted to renew their wedding vows in Jamaica, as they’d been married for 10 years. Their wedding was a spur of the moment thing that had as witnesses, as they put it, “a justice of the peace and two homeless guys asleep under a palm tree in Key West”. Micki asked me if i could help them arrange something on the Jamaica trip as their family of choice (aka hookah family) would be there with them.

I agreed and helped them arrange to do it on the cliffs at 3 Dives at sunset, the same night hookah was doing a free for all bonfire jam there.

Micki is an organizer…at home, when we camp at festivals, she brings an entire kitchen and sets it up outside her popup camper and proceeds to feed any and everyone all weekend. She is very involved in a large local event called Comfest and spent hours running around Jamaica trying to find recyclable materials for the ceremony (not-foam plates were a challenge but she did it!). She and Larry are really cool people and it was a blessing to be able to help them for once.

Here they are:

Micki then asked me if i would be willing to officiate the ceremony. I admit I was hesitant…me? I’m not a minister…I’ve never done anything like this before…were they sure?? My dad is actually a minister and I’ve seen him do weddings several times…Micki told me she’d give me lines to read and I figured why not…when a bride asks a favor like that you just don’t say no 🙂

So I needed to be at 3 Dives by 5 to help organize things as the ceremony was to be at 6:15.

I was running a bit late and knew I wasn’t going to use the scooter (I never, ever drive a scooter at night or when I’ve had anything to drink, and I would be doing both this night) so one of the guys from Seastar drove me down to 3 Dives.

When I arrived Micki, Larry and the renewal party were already there. They’d decorated the cliff bar with ribbons and tulle and made an aisle…it was really beautiful. We’d arranged for some drinks and a little buffet for afterwards with Lydie and finalized those arrangements. I got my “lines” and went over the timing and such. Micki’d brought a drummer from her hotel who would play during the walk up and down the aisle, and I arranged for a friend to videotape the ceremony.

Over the next hour people began to appear…Micki’d made invitations for everyone on the trip and it seems almost everyone on the trip made it by sunset.

Rather than try to describe it all I’ll just include the video here…it was absolutely beautiful, everyone cried, and Micki and Larry reaffirmed their love for each other. It was so neat to be a part of it.


Here’s the cake, made by a local baker

and the general scene as we got ready

A few more photos taken by friends…

Friend of Honor and the Bride

Folks getting ready
Jamaica Trip 2009 931
Milling about
Jamaica Trip 2009 935
A drummer
The ceremony
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I had a great time being part of this!
Jamaica Trip 2009 918
We have a little time to rest before the music is to start….3 Dives is jam packed already with people eating and drinking. I’d say over 100 people so far and the staff are handling it like champs – Lydie and Paula have brought in reinforcements for tonight and they are cranking out chicken and lobsters and everything….

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