Jamaica March 2009: 4 – First full day in Negril

I wake up pretty early but opt not to get out of bed just yet…my bed is comfy, the AC is cranking so I lay around a little, read my book (Perry Henzell’s Power Game – I highly recommend it) and then fall back to sleep for a bit. When I am ready to get up I realize I’ve missed the complimentary Seastar Inn breakfast buffet. As luck would have it my friend Lee has been to St. Ann recently and yesterday gave me a lovely package of freshly smoked marlin slices which I placed in my fridge yesterday. I happily eat some of that, put on a swimsuit and head down to the pool/restaurant/bar area at Seastar.

I am happy to see my friends from Catcha here, I think they slept through breakfast as well. I get some coffee (breakfast is done but the staff kindly makes a fresh pot just for me) and order a fried egg sandwich (on coco bread, yum) from the menu.

I take a swim in the pool (nice to have that, it’s pretty hot already) and enjoy socializing.

I feel the need to wander a bit when I notice the Seastar rental scooters parked by the gate and think hmmmm…. I love having wheels in Jamaica and here they are. In a few minutes I’ve ordered one for a couple of days and it is gassed up and ready for me. $25 a day for 2 days is the rate, I think that’s about $5 less than if you aren’t a guest, not sure but it seems like a deal to me. Part of the reason I chose a fairly inexpensive hotel this time is so I’d have extra $ for things like this.

I hop on my scooter and decide this is a good day to check on various folks in Negril I haven’t seen yet.

I do a quick run out past the lighthouse just to get comfortable on a scooter again – it’s been a couple of years – then turn around towards town.

First stop is De Bar where i see Eddie and get a tour of the new cottage he is building on the property. I visit with Trevor and Fathead and everyone and enjoy a Ting with the before moving on.

I swing by 3 Dives – I haven’t seen Lydie and Paula yet – but it’s early and they are not there yet.

Next stop is Blue Cave Castle. I stop first by Susan and chat with her for a bit, catching up on things since i last saw her in November. I then visit with friends from home, Steve and Allie, who are staying there. They’re enjoying the vibe at the castle as I knew they would. They agree to come up to Seastar later to hang out at the pool for a bit.

Finally I am ready for the roundabout, always a mental challenge for me due to the right side driving and uncertainty about right of way. I needn’t have worried…it’s easy 🙂 I pull into Beach House Villas where a group of my friends are staying and park.

Security meets me at the gate and when I let them know I’m visiting friends they allow me to walk in. I had a bit of an encounter with one employee who thought it would be funny to tell me I couldn’t come in since i was staying on the west end and not there this time but eventually I get his “joke”. Whatever.

On the beach I see everyone and take a swim on the beachside. It’s a tiny bit wavy today but clean and much warmer than the water on the cliffs. I enjoy one dirty banana from the bar (only one – I am scootering) and check out their villa. They have the Jungle House and the Reef House. I’ve now seen or stayed in just about every unit at BHV, they’re all pretty cool.

We swim a bit more, hang at the swim up bar and before i know it, it’s time to get ready for hookah show #2, at Risky Business again. I park my scooter for the night and change.

As I recall Chicken picked us all up again at Catcha and once again we enjoy a great show. Sometime during the first set Lydie and Paula show up! I am shocked, they so rarely take time away from the restaurant to do anything, in fact they missed every single hookah show in 2006 due to work, but here they are. We hang out and dance and generally have a ball. Linda from Seastar made it down again too, you may need to ask her about her impressions but I know we had a lot of fun 🙂 Francine, the owner of Seastar, hangs out with us at the show a bit too, she’s really cool.

After the show we went to a little after-party at Beach House Villas and just sat around and laughed a lot 🙂

Once again i’m loving my bed at Seastar…tomorrow is a big day and I want to be ready for it.

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