All Around Jamaica Again: Days 10-11, still in Treasure Beach

Monday Nov 10th – Treasure Beach

I walk over to the other villa for breakfast…the sea is clearing up very nicely now.

And it is a beautiful day. This is looking east from our porch, towards our lower deck and “sandy beach”.

After breakfast Dennis calls as arranged to tell me he’s about to pull up to the beach. I just love going out on a boat with him, he comes right to your doorstep.

This is his boat – photo taken the next day but the same boat:

He pulls in ‘the channel” and I am the first one to get in. We chat a bit, it’s been a couple of years. I am excited to be going out.

He has a new boat, I believe it holds 15 people. It has cushions and cup holders and is very cozy :-)

We pull out and head to the fishing beach on Billy’s Bay to pick up the other group who are staying at Rainbow Tree.

Views from the boat…

Dunes back the beach at Parrottee

One of the nice folks whose trip I am crashing…turns out she is a lurker on TripAdvisor :-)

…and we approach Pelican Bar.

Dennis has been looking for dolphins, this is a highlight of the trip for me, but so far no dice.

Black River Bay

Clouds over the morass.

Dennis begins to pull into Pelican Bar to drop us off at the “dock” there hen he suddenly points off to the west…DOLPHINS!! Even as we are pulling in he has kept watching and it has paid off. We back out and head on over.

And then, there they are.

I know from previous experience that it’s hard to catch photos of dolphins, they are quick. So I switch to video when Dennis spots them

The ones he spots first are jumping and flipping:

Someone on the boat asks about jumping in with them and Dennis responds…

Dennis shows us where they are though the water is still a bit murky from Paloma:

They follow us as we head over to Pelican Bar…

We pull into Pelican Bar and are greeted by Floyd, the owner. Here he is with his wall of photos:

Here is the “parking lot” at Pelican bar:

We are inside, this is my new pal the TA lurker:

Pelican Bar is truly a genius idea…I notice there is now another hut in the bay – an attempt at competition, Dennis says, but no one stops there. Floyd is a truly great host.

The others have ordered food, as I’d just eaten breakfast I pass and opt to just drink red stripe….I do get time to meet another Treasure Beach institution – Ted, who does the same thing Dennis does, and I get a chance to sit and talk with Floyd for awhile too.

Pelican Bar from the outside.

And after a wonderful hour or two hanging out, swimming in the sea, sunning on the dock and hanging out some more, we head back.

Random villa just west of Billy’s Bay

Approaching the “main beach”, or fishing beach, at Billy’s Bay – you can see Rainbow Tree and Buccaneer, a villa designed by Sally Henzell in the Moorish-Treasure beach style of Jake’s.

I have a lot of fun with the group on the boat and they invite me to come with them to Rainbow tree for a bit – they are going to go down to the fishing beach to watch the boats come in around 4. As I can walk back to Sparkling Waters from their place, I accept the invite and hop out with them.

This is Rainbow Tree villa:

View from RT:

Dining Room

We hang at their pool and I get a house tour. I meet the ladies that cook at their house and naturally one is the mother of one of our cooks at SW and another is a sister in law….so it always goes here.

After a bit walk down to the fishing beach which is basically just down their steps and over a few yards.

There is a little bar here and I meet everyone…Richard the owner, some guys playing dominoes. As I am introduced around as a guest of SW I meet even more family and friends of the folks that take care of our place. I am thoroughly enjoying hanging out and watching the fishing boats come in as this attracts quite a few people buying fish. And lobster. And a lot just enjoying the action.

After a bit my new friends go back to their villa for dinner but I opt to stay as it isn’t time for me yet and I am having a ball talking with everyone at the bar. And drinking red stripe. Some of the guys from our villa, Dave and Duke, stop by and I can’t help but think they are checking on me as I am a few red stripes into it by now but having too much fun to leave just yet. I am hanging out at a bar – a single woman – and no one is hitting on me, everyone is just chatting with me about where I have been this trip, if they have been there too, just whatever. It’s GREAT.

Our dinner is at 6:30 so around 6:15 I decide it’s time to walk over to my villa. Now if I were an intrepid rocky beach walker I could theoretically do this on the water but I am kind of drunk so plan to walk the road. I ask Jeff – a friend of Dave from my villa that I’m chatting with here – the way (as I arrived by boat and am not sure how to go) and he points to a path that goes up to the road through some houses and fishing traps and goats and I’m not sure what else.

I don’t know if I began to walk up and he realized I was pretty toasty or if he just thought he’d be nice, but he offered to drive me and I accepted. I later found out Dave asked him to make sure I got home OK 🙂

He dropped me off and I made it to the villa in time for dinner. If you ask my villa mates they might tell you that I told them my stories from the day more than once that night….it was another excellent day in Billy’s Bay.

Tuesday Nov 11th – Treasure Beach

It’s our last full day in TB and it is HOT and SUNNY. Really hot and really sunny all day. We spend a lot of time chasing shade, using our pool instead of the one at the family villas because it has that huge mango tree, hanging out in the thatch hut with the hammocks.

The families are enjoying the beaches a lot because it’s totally clear now and great snorkeling, the kids can play in the water and on the sand.

I took a few pictures…

Lots of boats are going by too. Here is Dennis passing by again:

I’m taking a few more pictures around the villas. I have a project in mind when I get home, I have been collecting frames of all different sizes for a wall of my photos from traveling. So I have that in mind when I take pictures this trip.

Here’s one of the family villas…their upstairs deck off the bedrooms is really nice:

Hard to beat our porch though 

The water is almost totally cleared up now, I can see fish swimming from up on the porch when I look down.

These are the steps to the villa between our villas, Sunsplash I think it is.

Our rocky beach, from the water

A casualty of the storm, we think:

Treasure Beach grasses and tree…

Our sandy beach

Doing a little snorkeling

As afternoon comes I decide I’d like to go back to the fishing beach to see if any boats have come in and to say bye to my new buddies there. Dave who takes care of our villa walks me over through the goat fields, around the fishing cages/pots and down the path to the beach.

I love this photo…it is a pond created mainly by the recent rain, across the road from our villa.

Sunset on Billy’s Bay fishing beach

The boats lined up. I took this photo from the bar. Our villas are around the outcropping of rocks you can see behind the boats.

Looking west from the bar. This is the last photo I took in TB and I think it is fitting, because it sums up the vibe of this area perfectly.

I am sorry to be leaving Treasure Beach, I have really enjoyed my time here. Though I didn’t do a lot of things I wanted to do….didn’t get a cocktail at Jake’s for sunset, didn’t eat at Mar Blue, didn’t rent a bike or scooter and explore…didn’t get to go to Gut River. But I did get to visit Great Bay and meet Viking, spent two afternoons on the fishing beach, had a great afternoon on a boat to Pelican Bar and saw dolphins, and enjoyed a lovely week with my friends eating great food and enjoying beautiful, comfortable spaces. So I am happy.

TB- I will be back again. I have nothing but praise for Treasure Tours who manages our villas. From meeting us on the road to guide us in to putting credit on my cell phone without me even having to go anywhere to calling drivers, arranging for fresh lobster, answering every dumb question, helping all of our drivers from all over Jamaica find our place, giving me tips on where to shop and getting me there…they were just awesome. Rebecca and Nikell in particular made our stay very special, as did the entire staff of Sparkling Waters. .

TB- I will be back again.

Tomorrow we head to Negril…


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  1. I just found this looking for information on Treasure Beach, we’re heading there for our honeymoon, staying at Rainbow Point. Your pictures are beautiful. Thanks for all the great info!

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