Whistling Bird Cottages, Negril – April 2002

I cannot write a real trip report for this trip – there was just too much going on. About 500 friends and fans of ekoostik hookah came down for 3 shows. We went “off package” to stay at Whistling Bird, a place we’d heard a lot about and visited but not stayed at before. We loved it. Here is a review or two I wrote when we got back: OK. Big pluses: the property is drop-dead gorgeous and the guest-to-acreage ratio is just right.

When you stroll the beach and see people lined up a foot apart on their beach chairs that they “reserved” at 6AM baking in the no-shade at other hotels, you’ll be so glad you’re staying at Whistling Bird. It’s a nice-size property with gardens throughout and lots of shade. Their beach area is very large and you’ll never run out of places to sit/lay and relax, in sun or shade. There are hammocks in the trees and tables and chairs scattered about, plenty of nice (not plastic) chaise lounges.

There is a private bar there that is for guests only – pretty much. (We had friends staying at the hotel next door and they were welcomed there with us). The bar is right on the beach and also has coffee in the AM, you just sign your card when you take coffee and the bartender signs it for you if you take alcoholic drinks. There is an ice machine available for guests to fill coolers.

There is a private restaurant also. We didn’t eat there because we had friends staying elsewhere and the restaurant did seem to be really guests only. You tell them if you plan to eat whatever meal there and you can definitely request certain things to eat. I heard it was a little expensive but good.

WB is located close to everything….easy walk to nightlife and restaurants. Only possible negative here is it’s next door to Fun Holiday, a busy hotel/bar with live music that can be loud. It’s also across the street from a disco – we weren’t bothered at all but if your cottage is near the road it might be an issue.

We had a one room cottage, closest to the beach. It was very Jamaican feeling – octagonal with high ceiling in the center, hardwood floors and walls, windows and screens and a ceiling fan. I don’t think any of the cottages have AC but the property is so shady and the fans so powerful we were very comfortable (this was in April). The showers are huge – big enough for two in the larger cottages, roomy enough in the one-room one we had. Only negative – not much closet/clothing storage space. It was no big deal.

The staff was great, especially the groundskeeper Bim. He’d get us coconuts from the tree, chat abut Jamaican life and whatnot anytime, helped us plan trips and really would get anything we needed.

The manager Andrea has worked there since she was 14 years old.

The owners were not there when we were, we didn’t meet them. They’re an American couple, I believe.

Thoughts? Questions? I'd love to hear them!