The Very Latest:

Welcome! This is a blog I created a few years back to store my old and new trip reports, as we called them on various Jamaica travel b-boards. My first trip to Jamaica was in the mid 1980s and I’ve been back a couple dozen times since then. It’s my favorite place to vacation and I love to explore new areas, meet new people, and visit older ones.

I like to keep my blog posts here because I can add photos and videos, refer back to older posts, link people to specific subjects, and never fear a b-board going down or out of business. Rather than post trip reports on bulletin boards as i used to do, I post here and give people links.  I enjoy looking back for my own benefit too.

I added some destination links – sorting reports by where in Jamaica I was – to make it easier for people who are looking for info on a certain part of Jamaica.

I also have some links in the menu above for renting a car/driving in Jamaica (SUCH a popular question), a map of Negril with most businesses on it, and my fairly recent (from this millennium) trip reports.

My most recent trip was in January of 2017, with my adult kids. We went to Treasure Beach, Belmont, Negril and into the bush around Lethe. I’m still working on that report so maybe subscribe to my blog so you get a heads-up when I add a new post.

Thanks for stopping in!

PS:  You might see an ad on the side or bottom of some pages, from google. The income from that pays my hosting fees.  Click or don’t click, it just allows me to have this place to put everything.